The RK Injector (RKI) is a unique breakthrough in fuel injection technology. A self-pressurising injector that creates optimal mixing conditions within the combustion chamber to facilitate a much cleaner burn, eliminating the formation of NOx. Our aim is to partner with OEM’s to produce the next generation of ultra-efficient, low emissions engine developments.

With the advancing development we see the RK Injector as key to:
1. Achieving 60% Brake Thermal Efficiency in engines.
2. Highly energy efficient, low temperature combustion.

We are pushing the boundaries of thermal efficiency and low temperature combustion modes – to reach the full potential of the internal combustion engine. Our ideal scenario is to create more efficiency, with less emissions while providing superior levels of performance.

We call this our Blue Flame technology – engineering innovation to contribute significantly to a greener world.


Multiplier Fluid Handling

Valving Control Solenoid

Clean combustion

Fuel efficient

Less emission

Lower temp

Our goal at RKLAB is to develop technology that can make a step change reduction in global emissions. The RKI represents a breakthrough in engine technology that will have a profound effect on the competitiveness of the internal combustion engine and improve air quality across the globe.

– Gavin Houghton, Managing Director, RKLAB

RK INJECTOR overview

The core features of RKLAB's breakthrough technology

The RK Injector (RKI) is a breakthrough and paradigm shift in fuel injection technology. Not only does it reduce harmful emissions but it also enables and enhances the future development of clean engines. 

  1. The unique breakthrough in fuel injection technology is a self-pressurising injector that interacts with the pressure in the combustion chamber, allowing fuel to be injected at a much higher pressure (5000+ bar) in hundreds of tiny droplets, creating the optimal conditions for combustion. These optimal mixing conditions facilitate a much more complete combustion, dramatically reducing both particulate and NOX emissions.
  2. The unique spray pattern is created by hundreds of tiny holes compared to the current common rail injection system with only 4-8 holes.
  3. Efficient combustion taking place at a lower temperature virtually eliminates the NOx emissions.
  4. The more complete combustion within the RK injector delivers the three main benefits: better fuel economy, reduction in particulate emissions and the reduction in NOx.




A whole new future in engine development

Complementary technology to advance existing clean engine development

RKLAB aims to partner with OEM’s to produce the next generation of ultra-efficient, low emission engine developments. Our RK Injector technology is able to complement existing engine development programmes and advance progress towards higher brake thermal efficiency.

We aim to be at the forefront of enabling ultra-efficient, low emission engine development technology from today, adding huge value to what is possible to achieve by collaborating to make engines cleaner and more efficient.

Reducing costs and simplifying OEM'S
future engine manufacturing

A whole new future for OEM engine development

The RK Injector can help OEM’s save on costs and advance their engine development progress by optimising the internal combustion engine and reducing the reliance on post combustion after treatment systems and equipment. 

This allows engine manufactures to replace the Common Rail diesel fuel injection system with a simpler, cheaper, and much more effective injection and combustion system. Allowing significant reduction in cost, space and weight to a vehicle, with a 15% or more fuel efficiency improvement. The engine also runs at lower temperatures, and with less structural stress on the engine, making a wider range of engine component materials and less heat protection materials able to be used.


The engine of the future will achieve significantly higher levels of thermal efficiency and combustion that results in fewer emissions.


An immediate impact on cleaning up today's big city
and commercial transport emissions

Since the RK injector can also be retrofitted into most existing engines as well as new engines, we are making it possible to start reducing emissions and increase margins for existing fleets and end users immediately. We are aiming to make a massive impact on driving down global emissions together, from today, without the extra time and investment needed to develop alternative infrastructure, creating vastly reduced emission possibility in transport and logistics, especially in all major and polluted 1st and 3rd world cities today.



Managing Director

Gavin is the founder and Managing Director of RKLAB. Gavin is an experienced senior executive in the energy and natural resource sectors. He has an active interest in industrial technology and a commitment to environmental issues and outcomes.


GM Marketing, Sales and Communications

John has 20+ years as a highly qualified, strategy and performance focused, general manager in the automotive field, across Europe, Southern Africa and Australia. He specialises in start-up business and taking new business and products to market. He is passionate about global warming and sports, continuing these interests and lifestyle, while refining his racquet and barbecue skills from Melbourne.


Chief Technical Officer

Ron is the inventor of the RKI technology and it bears his initials. Ron is a certified combustion engineer who has developed and refined the RKI injection technology for over 20 years. Inherently curious and expansive in his vision to create solutions, Ron is at the heart of technology development of RKLAB. Mr. Kukler has won the Australian Inventor of the Year and a Gold Medal at the International Inventors Fair in Geneva for the RKI invention.


CEO, RKLAB North America

Trevor is an entrepreneurial spirit. His determination to grow in the fields he is passionate about enables him to successfully build relationships and move projects forward to fruition. He has successfully built substantive businesses in transport and logistics and oil and gas services. His self motivation uses his well-rounded background to put together inventive solutions to the complex issues surrounding technological commercialisation.


Chief Technical Officer, RKLAB North America

Jim has been interested in combustion engines since his college days, graduating with a Master of Science degree from Rice University in Houston. He refined his expertise developing low emission retrofits for gas pipeline compressor engines. He was instrumental in establishing the Engine and Energy Conversion laboratory at Colorado State University, and is still expanding his expertise into the clean-burn technology area today.


Senior Technical Consultant and Project Manager

Professor Bernard Challen is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (“SAE”) as well as a member of the Royal Academy of Engineers Professors. He holds a Bachelor in mechanical engineering from Southampton University and a Master's degree in noise and vibration from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. He is also a Chartered Engineer in England, and a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Principles of Engineering Design at the University of Sussex.